Celebrating your uniqueness with every piece.
At Home Studyo, we see every home as a personal collection, where each part contributes to shaping your comfort and identity. Our mission is to inspire you to curate your own space of happiness, a place where you can joyfully express your individuality and connect with the people you love.

Home Studyo aims to fill the gap between the high-end exclusive collectible design and the impersonal mass production. We create handmade, affordable and everyday objects with a twist. The objects are joyful and full of color, making them happy eye-catchers in every home.

Home Studyo is a Belgium-based design brand founded by Mathieu Van Damme (Case Studyo) and Esther Noben (Toykyo), Home Studyo is creating playful ceramic homeware pieces that serve as artistic narratives in everyday life.

Our homebase is Ghent, but we ship worldwide.
Happy to be home with you!

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